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Behind the timeless design, carbon, flax and a solid wood core ensure perfect pleasure on the slope. Effortless handling and maximum control characterise the Leopold. Because it was developed for skiers who love the speed and appreciate the smooth running with agile handling – regardless of the slope’s conditions.
THE SKI SHOWN IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE: The surface of the ski is made of wood. Wood is a natural product and every tree grows differently. The colour tone and grain of the wood’s surface can therefore vary greatly from the ski model shown here.

LEOPOLD - Sporty carver

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Length: 155cm

    Widths: 100 mm - 72mm - 124 mm

    Radius: 12,4m


    Length: 165cm

    Widths: 100 mm - 72mm - 124 mm

    Radius: 13,5m


    Length: 176cm

    Widths: 100 mm - 72mm - 124 mm

    Radius: 16m


    Length: 184cm

    Widths: 100 mm - 72mm - 124 mm

    Radius: 18m

  • 155cm - Tyrolia PR 10

    165cm - Tyrolia PR 10

    176cm - Tyrolia PRD 12

    184cm - Tyrolia PRD 12

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