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A ski that fits!
Why? Very simply because the perfect ski should adapt to the user – and not the other way round.
After all, every person is unique. Stature, ability and skiing style are the decisive factors involved in the manufacture of a ski. And it is precisely these parameters that we are able to consider in each of our hand-made models.

What’s more, you can determine the design of the wood surface yourself, because we can analyse your style but not your taste.
How do you get your tailor-made ski?
Step 1: Getting to know each other.
Right at the start is, of course, a personal discussion, in which we clarify and explain fundamental things, make a note of your dimensions (weight, size, sole length), and schedule an appointment for the analysis on the mountain.
Step 2: The analysis on the mountain.
During the analysis on the mountain, we investigate the soul of your future ski. Because, unlike a piece of clothing, a bespoke ski not only has to adapt to your body but also to your individual skiing style. And it is studied by our ski technician – a former racer and trained ski trainer – in a half day session together on the piste.
Step 3: The detailed analysis.
While our technician tests your skiing style with the aid of different ski models and under changing conditions, he is supported by state-of-the-art technology: CARV – a specially developed insole for your ski boot – has 48 pressure sensors that measure in real time how you distribute your weight, how much edge pressure you apply and how skis are aligned with each other.

Step 4: The production.
After this unforgettable day of testing, we head back to our factory to make your ski by hand. It now takes about 4 to 8 weeks until you are standing on the piste with your tailor-made pair of Ünique Skis and are able to experience unique skiing pleasure.

Tailor-made Skis

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