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We originally designed this small bag as the packaging for our care set. Because the wood veneer of a Ünique ski wants to be cared for. A little linseed oil applied with a linen cloth keeps the surface fresh and gives the ski a subtle shine. What’s more, all scratches disappear as if by magic.
But if you prefer a ski that shows that it is used intensively, you have all sorts of ways to use the Necessaire. For one thing as a ‘Necessaire’ - as we call the toiletry bag in Vienna. The bag also has the perfect dimensions for two pairs of ski goggles incl. replacement lenses. And tourers will be delighted to hear that crampons fit perfectly inside it with a sewn-on loop that attaches easily to the backpack.

NECESSAIRE – The skier’s finest toiletry bag

SKU: 2017-N
  • Bag dimensions:
    Length: 24 cm
    Height: 14 cm
    Width: 12 cm

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