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If you love your skis, you should treat them to a small care session from time to time. Because the wood veneer of a pair of Ünique skis wants to be cared for. A little linseed oil applied with a linen cloth keeps the surface fresh and gives the ski a subtle shine. What’s more, all scratches disappear as if by magic.
And so that you don't just take care of the skis but also your own soul, we have enclosed a cushion filled with stone pine chips. In winter, simply place it on a radiator and unwind to the wonderful aroma.

CARE SET - For looking after your skis

  • - Toiletry bag: 24 cm x 14 cm x 12 cm
    - Care cloth (linen)
    - Linseed oil
    - Small ski cross-section
    - Stone pine pillow

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